March 28, 2011

The Big Idea Is That We Are All One

"The Big Idea is that there is only one God - and that this God does not care if you are Catholic or Protestant, Jew or Muslin, Indian or Mormon, or if you have no religion whatsoever.

The Big Idea is that everything we have to do is love each other - and in our world, everything else will take care of themselves, of our willingness to act in loving ways with each other.

The Big Idea is that none of us is better than another.

The Big Idea is that all the earth's natural resources belong to all people of the world - and it has nothing to do with the land on which, or under which the resources is located.

The Big Idea is that freedom is the essence of life, not something that you acquire or what you may be given, but What You Are - and any effort to limit the expression is an effort to limit life itself, which one the soul will recreate at each level, until the soul, which is FREEDOM, is fully expressed in every moment.

The Big Idea is that happiness is the natural state of being, and the joy is always expressed to the fullest and most quickly by showing it."

Neal Donald Walsh

March 27, 2011

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The Divine Matrix - Gregg Braden

  1. The Divine Matrix is the container that contains the Universe, the bridge between all things and the mirror that shows us what we created.
  2. Everything in our world is connected to everything else.
  3. To access the power of the Universe itself, we must see ourselves as part  of the world rather than being separated from it.
  4. When something has been joined it is always connected, whether or not it remain bound to the physical level.
  5. The act to focus our conscience is a creative act. Conscience creates !
  6. We all have the power we need to create all of the changes we choose to create !
  7. The subject we focus our attention on with our conscience becomes reality in our world.
  8. It is not enough just to say that we choose a new reality!
  9. Feeling is the language that The Divine Matrix understand.
  10. Not every feeling is right. Feelings that create must be outside the ego and not be judgmental. 
  11. In our life we must become the things we choose to experience as being our world.
  12. We are not limited by the laws of physics as we know them today.
  13. In something holographic, each piece reflects the meaning that whole thing.
  14. Hologram with connections to the universal consciousness ensure that at exact moment in which we create desires and prayers,they are already received at the destination.
  15. Through the hologram of consciousness, the smallest change in our lives is reflected everywhere in our world.
  16. The minimum number of people to "kick-start"a change in consciousness is a radical of 1% from a population.
  17. The Divine Matrix reflects the relationships in our world that we create in the context of our beliefs.
  18. True beliefs are reflected in our most intimate relationships we have.
  19. In our life we must become the things we choose to experience in our world.
  20. The root of our negative experiences can be reduced to one of the three universal fears ( or a combination of them ) :
  • Being afraid of abandonment.
  • Being afraid that you are good for nothing.
  • Not be being able to trust.