February 14, 2011

Why Is Russia Building Nuclear Shelters ?

Russia seems to be preparing for something important. In an article published in July 2010 on the site RT, there was talk about 5000 new nuclear shelters that will be built in Moscow by the end of 2012. Russian authorities believe that this shelters are urgently needed because existing shelters can accommodate only half of Moscow's population, and in addition, are outdated. Moscow officials want the entire population of the Russian capital to be able to reach these shelters in minutes. But why do they urgently need 5000 nuclear shelters? What is the real reason ?
It seems that not only Russia is building that shelters. A few years ago the Bureau Of Shanghai Civil Defense announced completion of the construction of a giant underground shelter with an area of 90000 square meters which could house up to 200000 people.

The Mysterious Piece Of Wood Found On A Iceberg

Reporter Karen Barlow from the Australian Television, channel ABC, has embarked on the ship Aurora Australis ( strong icebreaker ) to go to Antarctica with a mission to study glaciers. She stumbled over a rectangular piece of wood on top opf an iceberg that is located around the South Magnetic Pole. According to Barlow, the other passengers on the ship have thought, from a distance, it would be a seal, but then they noticed the rectangular shape.
Of course, conspiracy theory supporters have begun to comment on this discovery. Some of them believe it's a door, which if opened will bring to the light some stairs that will lead to a secret passageway to the North Pole. Other say it's the secret hideout of Hitler, who would be hidden in the South Pole at the end of the Second World War. What do you think ?

Planet Venus And The End Of The World

Slovak researcher Pavel Smutnej issued a very interesting theory about the astronomical alignment of planets. He believes that in particular the alignment of Venus with the Sun has very strong influences on the Earth. The researcher carefully followed the transit of Venus and observed that every time Venus is close to the Earth, devastating volcanic eruptions and earthquakes occur. There is a period of about 6-9 months after the transit of Venus in which occur earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunami occur in the world. One of the Venus transits is in the range of 2004-2012. But what effect does this have ? Smutnej believes disasters on Earth. Thus, the great earthquake in Indonesia in December 2004, who subsequently produced a huge tsunami that caused hundreds of thousands of victims would be due to the transit of Venus on June 8, 2004. At that time, Earth, Venus and the Sun were on the same line and this line was oriented towards the constellations Taurus, Orion and Gemini.
The previous transit of Venus took place between 1874-1882. A similar disaster with that from 2004 occurred on august 1883, where there was a great volcanic eruption of the volcano Krakatoa, who produced a tsunami which killed tens of thousands of people.
According to observations made by the Slovak researcher, Venus transits occur in pairs and are rather rare, so the next will take place in June 6, 2012, about 6 months before the date of December 21, 2012, the date on which so much has been written as will coincide with the end of the world. Is this just a coincidence, is this a fact? What do you think ?

February 12, 2011

Is Time Travel Possible ?

As much as it seems, in light of recent scientific theories in which thought could incredibly become reality : we might, at least in theory travel in space-time "tricking" the known laws of physics. Maybe not even tomorrow, after tomorrow, but definitely in a day when we overcome the stalemate putting in place the necessary technology.
The idea of time "flows" irreversible is so deeply rooted in human consciousness that we think we cant move back and forth in the fourth dimension it seems like only one scenario in Star Trek. 
"And yet, today's science fiction is often tomorrow's science. That is why it is our duty to study physical theorems fantasist applied by the crew of Star Trek. If i had to study only earthly matters, we further reduce our human potential". These words belong not an avid science fiction,but the most famous living physicist Stephen Hawking.

Russia Will Explore A Mysterious Lake In Antarctica

For 15 million years a lake closed in ice like in a capsule remained isolated in the deep crust of Antarctica. This lake is probably hiding prehistoric life forms unknown to us. Russian researchers are on track to reach this lake and uncover the secrets. The lake lies at a depth of 3750 meters below the ice cap and it took several weeks of drilling. Russian scientists are very excited and eager to reach the lake because it may provide informations about how our planet looked before the ice age. It can also offer information about possible conditions of life offered by similar places such as planets like Mars and Europe ( Jupiter's moon ). The lake was named Vostok and is about the size of the Siberian lake Baikal. It is the largest and deepest of the 150 sub-glacier lakes isolated in Antarctica. It is saturated with oxygen and does not resemble any other known place on the Earth. Russian research team had to leave the site on February 6 and at the last contact with them made public on February 4, they said they have to drill just 5 more meters, at a temperature of minus 40 Celsius degrees.

February 11, 2011

Was The Moon Created By Higher Beings ?

Reasons that make us believe that the Moon was created by higher beings so that we can exist on the Earth are :

  • Moon rotates at the same speed as the Earth. If the Moon would rotate with different speed than the Earth, then it would have shown us its unseen face which can not be seen from the Earth. Moreover, even if the Moon's orbit distance from Earth increases every year, its rotation slows down by exactly the right ratio, so we always see the same face. Hell of a coincidence !
  • If there were no Moon, the Earth would be as dead as the planet Venus. This phenomenon occurs because the Moon has a large stabilizing effect on the Earth called the tidal effect that aids in the occurrence of seasons and keeps liquid water on most of the Earth.
  • Observation of solar and moon eclipses. The Moon is 400 times smaller than the Sun, yet is 400 times closer to the Earth than the Sun, so "miraculously"the Sun and Moon appear in the sky as having the same size which makes it possible to observe the total eclipses of the Moon and the Sun. Big coincidence !
  • Moon rises and sets in the exact same place as the Sun but in different solstice. For example, the Moon rises in the winter solstice ( December 22 ) in the exact same spot the Sun was rising from in the summer solstice ( June 22 ).
  • Moon doesn't have a solid core like other planets, so it is hollow or has a very low density inside. Thus it could be more like an interplanetary ship.

Who Built The Moon ?

More and more theories assert that the Moon is not only a natural celestial object near the Earth who came in this place accidentally. Coincidences do not exist, there are only laws unknown to us. Believe it or not, but it seems that the Moon was created specifically to support life on planet Earth because it has some unique benefits for people. If the Moon did not have the size and weight that it has and if the distance between it and the Earth was not the one who is, then our planet would not have been able to support intelligent life.

February 08, 2011

The girl who silenced the world for 5 min

February 07, 2011

Are We Descendants Of Aliens ?

More and more theories and discoveries show that we are descendants of aliens or their experiments. One of these theories is that of Zacharie Sitchin. He has studied ancient civilizations all his life and always tried to understand their texts. So he learned that the Sumerian were the first civilization on our planet and that they worshiped their gods whom they had appointed Annunaki ( those who from heaven come to the Earths ). Annunaki, their god, taught Sumerian everything, surrounding to his teachings. He come to Earth from Nibiru, a planet. Planet X - Nibiru, passes through our solar system every 3600 years. This leads to the conclusion that Annunaki was a very evolved race who visited the Earth and formed the first civilization.

A Japanese Atlantis ?

Egyptian Pyramids - best known pyramids - are not far from the only building of their kind in the world. Very impressive and mysterious to us today are the pyramids and monuments found at the bottom of the Sea of Japan.  These buildings appear to be aged to at least 10,000 years. We do not know who raised these monuments and how they got under water. Maybe it's the Lemurians work ? Maybe a Japanese Atlantis? Who can know ?

UFOs: Unusually Good Footage - The Urzi Case

Antonio Urzi never intended to show his footage publicly. It was only after he'd gathered the material for several months in a row that he began to recognize its worth. He said also that despite their size, the craft always caught him by surprise, as they were so silent.

Urzi's videos received a standing ovation at a 2007 screening in the US.

If these encounters by his window have since continued, I would hope that he or somebody else saw to it that he be provided with an HD camera and high quality lenses, in addition to a tripod.

February 04, 2011

Ophiuchus, The 13th sign

Ophiuchus is the Zodiac sign depicting a man holding a large snake, which symbolizes the Dark Rift of the Milky Way Galaxy, a feature so important in Maya astrology, representing the "road to the underworld." The Ophiuchus constellation is located between Libra and Saggitarius, at exactly the point in which the Galactic Plane and the plane of our solar system's orbit cross each other.

At an astronomical level, the Earth and its Solar System have been crossing the Galactic Equator since 1998, in a process which will be complete by around 2016. This is the basis for much of the 2012 hype and even the "Photon Belt" iterations of early 1990s New Agery.

The Solar System revolves around the galactic Center in a see-saw-like motion, which some astrophysicists have theorized puts Earth at greater risk of extraterrestrial impact, during these times, as we pass through the Galactic Arms, which are more densely-packed with asteroids and plasmas.

The effects of this passage have been noted in the Earth's magnetosphere and the Sun's heliosphere, which encapsulates the entire solar system; both of which protect us from the harmful radiation of cosmic rays and both of which have shrunken or at times become torn, leaving the daylight side of the Earth completely naked to bombardment by solar radiation. Even the most conservative geophysicist whom I asked what this could cause suggested that we will see a spike in cancers and mutations arising from this astrophysical passage.

"Mutation" is a word that has come to be associated with the nightmarish genetic damage that has been the byproduct of nuclear fallout and radiation poisoning. But the word "mutation" simply means "change" in Latin - as it does in the strictest sense, in the science of genetics. Change is constant and change can certainly be good. It remains to be seen if the effects of cosmic radiation will prove beneficial for the human race and for life on Earth.

And it remains to be seen if this emerging 13th sign of Ophiuchus will gain traction in the hoary world of astrology.

February 02, 2011

NASA Puts Us On Guard For 2012

Experts predict that Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, will shine and will be observed in 2012 at the highest level in the last 50 years. Since 2007, the phenomenon of lights grew in intensity and according to NASA scientists, will reach its climax in less than two years. The Aurora Borealis could be more than a delightful spectacle for the eyes if in 2012 the Northern Lights will be at the expected magnitude, they could cause disruptions of GPS and mobile phone networks and electrical networks could affect several countries.

The event will be challenged by what is known as Solar Maximum - a process whereby the magnetic field in the equatorial zone of the Sun rotates faster than a polar region of the planet. The solar cycle requires, on average,about 11 years to go from a maximum to the next one, this time varying between less than 9 and not more than 14 years. The most recent Solar Maximum occurred in 2000 and NASA scientists believe that the next will be the most "prolific" from 1958 until today. Then, over half a century ago, The Aurora Borealis stunned the people of Mexico when it appeared across the sky. NASA experts believe that the Northern Lights that could occur in less than two years may become visible to the South all the way, to the City of Rome. Additional evidence in support of the theory of solar wind intensifying is by Icelandic photographer, Orvar Thorgiersson from Reykjavik. He been shooting Northern Lights from 2007, and from year to year, the snapshots obtained illustrates a coloring and a propagation more and more accentuated. Orvar believes that in 2012 scenes in the sky would not be able to be described in words.