February 14, 2011

The Mysterious Piece Of Wood Found On A Iceberg

Reporter Karen Barlow from the Australian Television, channel ABC, has embarked on the ship Aurora Australis ( strong icebreaker ) to go to Antarctica with a mission to study glaciers. She stumbled over a rectangular piece of wood on top opf an iceberg that is located around the South Magnetic Pole. According to Barlow, the other passengers on the ship have thought, from a distance, it would be a seal, but then they noticed the rectangular shape.
Of course, conspiracy theory supporters have begun to comment on this discovery. Some of them believe it's a door, which if opened will bring to the light some stairs that will lead to a secret passageway to the North Pole. Other say it's the secret hideout of Hitler, who would be hidden in the South Pole at the end of the Second World War. What do you think ?


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