February 12, 2011

Is Time Travel Possible ?

As much as it seems, in light of recent scientific theories in which thought could incredibly become reality : we might, at least in theory travel in space-time "tricking" the known laws of physics. Maybe not even tomorrow, after tomorrow, but definitely in a day when we overcome the stalemate putting in place the necessary technology.
The idea of time "flows" irreversible is so deeply rooted in human consciousness that we think we cant move back and forth in the fourth dimension it seems like only one scenario in Star Trek. 
"And yet, today's science fiction is often tomorrow's science. That is why it is our duty to study physical theorems fantasist applied by the crew of Star Trek. If i had to study only earthly matters, we further reduce our human potential". These words belong not an avid science fiction,but the most famous living physicist Stephen Hawking.


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