February 12, 2011

Russia Will Explore A Mysterious Lake In Antarctica

For 15 million years a lake closed in ice like in a capsule remained isolated in the deep crust of Antarctica. This lake is probably hiding prehistoric life forms unknown to us. Russian researchers are on track to reach this lake and uncover the secrets. The lake lies at a depth of 3750 meters below the ice cap and it took several weeks of drilling. Russian scientists are very excited and eager to reach the lake because it may provide informations about how our planet looked before the ice age. It can also offer information about possible conditions of life offered by similar places such as planets like Mars and Europe ( Jupiter's moon ). The lake was named Vostok and is about the size of the Siberian lake Baikal. It is the largest and deepest of the 150 sub-glacier lakes isolated in Antarctica. It is saturated with oxygen and does not resemble any other known place on the Earth. Russian research team had to leave the site on February 6 and at the last contact with them made public on February 4, they said they have to drill just 5 more meters, at a temperature of minus 40 Celsius degrees.


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