February 14, 2011

Planet Venus And The End Of The World

Slovak researcher Pavel Smutnej issued a very interesting theory about the astronomical alignment of planets. He believes that in particular the alignment of Venus with the Sun has very strong influences on the Earth. The researcher carefully followed the transit of Venus and observed that every time Venus is close to the Earth, devastating volcanic eruptions and earthquakes occur. There is a period of about 6-9 months after the transit of Venus in which occur earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunami occur in the world. One of the Venus transits is in the range of 2004-2012. But what effect does this have ? Smutnej believes disasters on Earth. Thus, the great earthquake in Indonesia in December 2004, who subsequently produced a huge tsunami that caused hundreds of thousands of victims would be due to the transit of Venus on June 8, 2004. At that time, Earth, Venus and the Sun were on the same line and this line was oriented towards the constellations Taurus, Orion and Gemini.
The previous transit of Venus took place between 1874-1882. A similar disaster with that from 2004 occurred on august 1883, where there was a great volcanic eruption of the volcano Krakatoa, who produced a tsunami which killed tens of thousands of people.
According to observations made by the Slovak researcher, Venus transits occur in pairs and are rather rare, so the next will take place in June 6, 2012, about 6 months before the date of December 21, 2012, the date on which so much has been written as will coincide with the end of the world. Is this just a coincidence, is this a fact? What do you think ?


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