February 11, 2011

Was The Moon Created By Higher Beings ?

Reasons that make us believe that the Moon was created by higher beings so that we can exist on the Earth are :

  • Moon rotates at the same speed as the Earth. If the Moon would rotate with different speed than the Earth, then it would have shown us its unseen face which can not be seen from the Earth. Moreover, even if the Moon's orbit distance from Earth increases every year, its rotation slows down by exactly the right ratio, so we always see the same face. Hell of a coincidence !
  • If there were no Moon, the Earth would be as dead as the planet Venus. This phenomenon occurs because the Moon has a large stabilizing effect on the Earth called the tidal effect that aids in the occurrence of seasons and keeps liquid water on most of the Earth.
  • Observation of solar and moon eclipses. The Moon is 400 times smaller than the Sun, yet is 400 times closer to the Earth than the Sun, so "miraculously"the Sun and Moon appear in the sky as having the same size which makes it possible to observe the total eclipses of the Moon and the Sun. Big coincidence !
  • Moon rises and sets in the exact same place as the Sun but in different solstice. For example, the Moon rises in the winter solstice ( December 22 ) in the exact same spot the Sun was rising from in the summer solstice ( June 22 ).
  • Moon doesn't have a solid core like other planets, so it is hollow or has a very low density inside. Thus it could be more like an interplanetary ship.


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