April 19, 2011

Do You Think Faith Is Genetically Programmed Into Our Minds?

Religious beliefs as part of human nature are deeply embedded in the human brain and to a point are genetically programmed like everything from our appearance as a species, say researchers at the Yale University.

The clearest evidence is found in children's perception of life and their belief that the mind is separated from the body. Such a distinction is what allows us to believe in the supernatural, the gods or imaginary friends. "All people have these beliefs. They are located in the brain circuits and never change." said Professor Paul Bloom, a psychologist at the prestigious American university.

As we age, we begin to focus more on the moral dimension of faith and less on its supernatural aspects, says the authors. However, in periods of heavy stress, we tend to approach the supernatural aspects of our life, as evidenced by the large number of people who return to faith in times of crisis.

"Sharing of the same religious belief helped our ancestors enormously, especially when they must work together to hunt, to defend or care for those communities suffering. So that's how we managed to surpass other species in the evolutionary race." concludes Paul Bloom.


Mike said...

I feel like there is a neurological necessity for god but as we progress into the future, humans will lose that need.

zepdragon said...

Faith can be a driving force, capable of bring civilization to its greatest heights or lowest ruins.

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