November 13, 2011

Is The Egyptian Government Trying To Cover Up The "Hall of Records"?

There is a new conspiracy theory afoot that says that the Egyptian government is trying to cover up the Hall of Records, which is rumored to contain information on Atlantis and how the city sunk.

Edgar Cayce, a renowned psychic says that there are three such halls spread across the globe, one in the Yucatan Peninsula, one in Egypt under the Great Sphinx, and one in Atlantis (but it's sunken, so we obviously won't be able to find it). Cayce thought that there were small groups of inhabitants that escaped before it sunk and settled in present-day Mexico and Egypt.

According to sources, there is a little nit of evidence that the Hall of Records might actually indeed exist. More than 20 years ago, a radar scan was conducted my the Great Sphinx and found a strange anomaly under one of the Sphinxes paws. There appeared to be a small chamber right where Cayce said the Hall of Records would be hidden. There is another piece of evidence which as that there is a network of caves and tunnels that run all around the Giza plateau. and some very close to the Sphinx and where the Hall of Records is believed to be located. Some say that a group of archaeologists were able to dig through and get to the hall, but covered it right back up when they found it.

Now, why would Egypt try and hide such a great discovery? Well I think that if the truth came out about how the ancient Egyptians were helped by citizens of Atlantis, then everything we knew about them would be changed and they would seem much less advanced than previously thought. Now as always, these are just conspiracies and the chances of them being true are very slim, but what if they are? Hopefully, the truth will come out and we'll know for sure.


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