November 15, 2011

Russian keeps an Alien in her fridge for two years?

There have been way too many UFO sightings in Russia as of late. I'm pretty sure that with the vast amount of s called aliens found in Russia, if Aliens really were to come down to Earth they would use Russia as their spaceport.
The story goes like this, Marta Yegorovnam kept the body of a dead alien in her fridge in the town of Petrozavodsk for over two years, and lo and behold she only took five pictures to prove that the thing is actually real. No video, nothing. Here is the first picture of this beast.
God, Russia seems to be the most alien-ridden place on Earth. 
All jokes aside, it seems like its hands would be useless, and could be compared to twigs. Its very small as well. Marta says that she found the alien resting dead by a pile of extremely hot, twisted metal. Unexplained Mysteries says that two men turned up at Marta's house two days ago and confiscated to body. Who were they? Not the Men in Black, if that's what you were thinking. Apparently, they came from the Karelian Research Center. What do you guys think? Real or hoax? Judging by Russia's past credibility of so called alien encounters (see Kirill Vlasov's bread alien hoax) I'd say that we don't have a dead alien at Martas house just yet. But, you never know!


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