November 22, 2011

Water found on Europa?

NASA has long thought that there was a gigantic lake larger in volume than all the oceans on earth combined hiding in the depths of Jupiter;s moon, Europa, bu it would be miles upon miles below the surface.

New research suggests that the moon actually has a body of water the size of the Great Lakes only about 2 miles below the surface! Does that mean that life exists below Europa's icy surface? Scientists can't say yet because there are so many variables to take into consideration, but one thing is for sure - the probability of there being life on Europa has increased.

New data from NASA's Galileo spacecraft has made some scientists make a correlation between a lake-like body of water under Europa's surface and strange areas made up of bumpy and irregular terrain on the surface of Europa called "chaos terrains".

The video below should put everything into perspective pretty nicely and will allow you to see just how scientists think that these "chaos terrains" form.


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