January 20, 2011

The Aliens From Pleiads

An famous alien species among ufologists came from the Pleiads planet. They are "multidimensional spiritual beings" from the stellar cluster Perseid, located in the Taurus constellation, at about 400 light-years from our planet. Their original planet called Erra is located in a alternative dimension, a fraction of a second ahead of where we live. These aliens seems to be very similar to humans. Swiss Billy Meyer, who spoke for the first time about them, said they had contacted him telepathically in 1940. In 1970 Billy Meyer showed a series of pictures of these alien ships and a couple of sketches illustrating them. Since then, the aliens from the Pleiads are the subject of intense debate. It is believed about them that they are deeply spiritual and close to nature and are peaceful beings who want to prevent the self - destruction of humanity, giving us subtle new philosophy and alternative ways of living.


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