January 16, 2011

The Universe Has Over 100 Advanced Civilizations

The international community should prepare for a close encounter with alien civilizations, said the Academy of Sciences of the United Kingdom, after a long study done on the existence of life in the Universe. " Based on the famous Drake equation that helps determine the number of civilizations in the galaxy and the possibility of coming into contact with them, we can say that in the Universe exists between 10 and 100 extraterrestrial civilizations", said one of the authors of the report, Scottish professor Martin Dominik, from St. Andrews University. " This is the most conservative estimate, there are actually many more intelligent forms of life", he added. 
Above mentioned formula was developed by Frank Donald Drake, professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the Santa Cruz University from California, in 1960.
Now, British scientists want to make a special agency that will deal with anticipated problems related to meeting with extraterrestrial civilizations. This agency should be established within the UN structures.
Professor Dominik urged people not to be afraid of " space aliens" because in reality " alternative worlds are not hazards as described in science fiction literature".


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