January 20, 2011

Are Aliens Among Us ?

Several surveys reveal a very serious fact that is amazing : one of five people in the world believes that extraterrestrial beings live among us disguised as humans. A public opinion poll conducted by Reuters on 23 000 adult subjects in 22 countries they found hat India, in their local consciousness is an epicenter for extraterrestrial activity and 45 % of people there are convinced that an alien invasion is already in progress. Very close after India cams the Chinese, 42 % of them having similar ideas,followed by 29 % of Japanese who suspected their fellow as having aliens origins. In Australia 23 % of those surveyed believe that aliens already exists on the ground while the Belgians, Germans and Swedes are somewhat more skeptical, and only a small 8 % accredited this theory. Certainly many of those who deny that aliens live among us could be aliens themselves who wish to remain undiscovered. Leaving the joke aside, the most important thing these numbers tell us is that the infiltration theory of beings from other worlds in our ranks is not just of some crazy followers lost in remote corners of the world, but rather tens of millions of people all over the world respond to such possibilities.

Extraterestri cu aspect uman infiltrati printre noi?


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