January 15, 2011

In Search Of Higher Ancestors

The Bible and other sacred books, sacred texts, myths and legends contain many references, descriptions and messages that tel about the existence of terrestrial and extraterrestrial civilizations that were in possession of secret technology thousands or even millions of years ago that humanity today does not know of yet. The latest archaeological discoveries, ancient manuscripts and documents on the ground reinforces the idea that other mysterious civilizations have lived on the Earth before us. 

Robert Charroux, Erik Von Daniken, Stephan Zveig, Jan Van Helsing, and other famous authors have devoted much of their life trying to decipher the mystery of lost civilizations. Unlike classical historians, these modern and unconventional authors argue based on sacred writings from Sumer to Egypt and from the Bible to ancient Taoist   legends that say we have other ancestors and they are not the primitive people from Cro - Magnon or Neanderthal. In other words, we are descendants of a higher civilization and in no case are we hominids resulted from some monkeys. About 8000 years ago, the Brahmans say that humanity knows four stages in the evolution of their consciousness. Despite the general belief, we do not evolve in time, we decade from our Golden Ages from antiquity to the ages of darkness and ignorance which is the current era ( Kali - Yuga ). Both in the Vedas and Bible we have messages sent by our ancestors to put us on guard about the dangers through which we pass in this huge adventure called LIFE.
We can draw two conclusions that emerge from these books :
  • Their authors knew in depth informations about the evolution of our planet, after all the dates modern geology has given us.
  • Humans have started to destroy themselves after playing with science for too long. 


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