January 15, 2011

Fallen Angels, Gods or ... Astronauts ?

Ancient myths and legends speak about a subordination relationship between gods and humans. According to the Semitic tradition, these gods were "fallen angels" who took people captive giving them the illusory " earthly paradise".

Sacred writings tel about the arrivals of angels, gods or strangers from space, which like Prometheus bring " knowledge " for humans. Some Egyptian papyri places the origin of those civilizations on the planet Venus. Strange is the fact that a couple of thousand  years ago all around the Earth appeared synchronously many advanced civilizations such Mayans, Egyptians, Asiro - Babylonians, Persians and Phoenicians. Initiator gods appear described like snakes with feathers : Quetzalcoatl, Viracocha, Orejona, Ishtar, Astarte. Anahita, Prometheus, Zamolxe. Egypt erupts as a huge civilization with " divine kings who came from heaven to bring fair rule for all beings ".
Image a space mission discovering somewhere in another galaxy a planet populated only by some beings who are in their early evolution of their consciousness, which are struggling to live their lives, battling giant animals and being in a permanent tribal war. Don't you think that our astronauts will not try to bring these native necessary conditions for future developments? And if one of the astronauts with a dubious nature will proclaim himself as the supreme ruler becoming a " jealous God " and would order the establishment of a religion in which all those who do not obey his rules are considered enemies ... It's a most like a feeling of Deja - Vu ... Don't you think ?


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