January 25, 2011

The Universal Time

Those who wish to understand the mystery of the time need self - knowledge and also knowledge of the Universe, because, as Einstein postulated, time is a spatial dimension.
The Universe is alive and behaves as such. Today, at the Princeton Observatory anyone can listen the powerful blast that comes from the immemorial mists.
Grouping scientist's definitions combined with great tradition and religions predicates we can do a comprehensive idea about how the Universe is infinite and unlimited. His organization is quite simple : billions of stars form constellations, and a group of constellations forming a galaxy. Earth belongs to the Milky Way. But how are humans integrated into the Universe? We can make the following corresponding analogies : body cells are stars in the galaxy, the bodies are planets, the brain is the Sun and then we can understand why Hermes Trismegistus said : " What it up is also down and what is down is also up for only one miracle to happen".
So, the Universe is homogeneous, although there is a dynamic and constantly changing. Robert Charroux writes in his Book Of Forbidden Knowledge : " The atom is a complex that was organized before the explosion ( Big Bang ) and the Universe is organized as a complex after the explosion ". Sine the Universe seems infinite, it is very difficult to find a unified definition of the time. In a certain sense we could say that the time would be the manifestation of the eternal revolution of consciousness and matter, or how the Maya conceptualize : " Time is the unit that allows thought to become reality ".


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